Lesson 3: Internet Activity Based on Culture and Literature


Now that we have learned about some culture and literature of the 1930's, we will bring the two together in this lesson.

In class work:
1. Warm-up: We will pair off by number and get into groups of three or four and each group will come up with one character from Grapes of Wrath that they think is hit hardest by the Great Depression and why. Each group will write a response and choose one member to read answer to class.

2. Each student will take their place at a computer (or in pairs) and work through the internet activity linked below. Worksheets will be handed out and filled out in class. As you are filling the sheet out, make sure you note which website you gathered the information from so that it can be verified.

3. After everyone has finished filling their worksheets out, each student or pair will get a chance to relay their answer to the class.

There will be no formal homework today, but start thinking about a theme or set of themes you may want to research for your final project for this unit.