Lesson 4: Movie Time!


There was much speculation and many theories as to what exactly caused the Great Depression. Today we will watch a video that will show us just a few of these ideas and discuss what those implications meant for families during that time.

In class work:
1. Warm-up: Answer this question pertaining to the Grapes of Wrath. We have talked about the economic hard times during the 1930's, but why specifically were families like the Joads hit so hard?

2. Via overhead projector, we will watch this short video describing some of the causes and effects of the Great Depression and how it impacted literature written by people who lived through those times (such as John Steinbeck).

3. Following the video, we will have a formal class discussion going over what we just watched. It is advised that notes be taken during this discussion because there will be homework tonight.

Write a one-two page essay discussing one or two causes of the Great Depression you remember seeing in the movie. Due next class meeting.