Lesson One: Visual representation of major themes in Grapes of Wrath.


Last week, students were assigned to read John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath. Each day we had a discussion in class talking about major themes in each portion of reading. Students were required to take notes so they would be able to study and relate these themes with further learning in Unit 1. Now, we will take these notes and each student will pick out one or two themes from our class discussions and make a tri-fold visual presentation of it, which will be explained below.

In class work:
1. We will begin class by answering the following question in a ten minute free-writing activity: What tone or mood does Steinbeck begin the novel with in chapter one? What does this foreshadow? This seems to put the Depression in epic portions, rather than simply relate it to one family. Why do you think the author chose to open the novel in this way?

2. We will then discuss several responses as a class. After 10-15 of class discussion, I will then give a brief (10 minute) lecture on some historical background of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl.

3. I will give a demonstration on how to make a tri-fold using Microsoft Word. We will have the computer lab reserved for the second part of class (assuming block scheduling) and each student (or pair, as computer availability varies) will begin to incorporate their information into their own tri-fold.

Here is my example of a tri-fold: . Each student or group will incorporate their individual data into a tri-fold which will be due at the beginning of the next class. This will be graded based on the accuracy of the content as well as on visual appeal and neatness.