Lesson 2: Video lecture on the Great Depression


In addition to studying literature written during the 1930's, we will also study the socio-economic paradigms associated with the era. The students will watch a video lecture prepared by the instructor. The lecture contains both historical elements and factors influencing the literature written during The Great Depression.

In class work:
1. Warm-up free write question: Try to imagine going a day, week, or month without eating bread, or a fresh vegetable, or drinking a cool glass of orange juice. How would this feeling change once these items were readily available to you again? Would you take them for granted? Would you cherish them? If you know anyone, such as grandparents, neighbors, etc. who have lived through the Great Depression, do you notice anything different about their habits concerning wastefulness?

2. Watch the movie provided through the link below. There will be five segments to watch, each accompanied by pre-questions and follow-up questions. Answer ALL questions as you are watching the movie (time will be given in between segments). At the least, write down each question so that you can work on them as homework if you run out of time. Keep the answers simple and base them on the lecture, not from speculation.

3. If we have time, we will discuss any ideas in greater depth at the students discretion. Ask questions! This is part of your participation grade.

Finish any incomplete answers to the lecture questions, due the next class meeting. This an informal writing, but please keep it neat and organized.