We have gone over a lot of material in the past two weeks with the reading of Grapes of Wrath and the cross-pollination of literature and culture this week. Now it is time to see what you have learned! You will have two options for the final project which I will go over below. Each will count for 100 points and each has a specific rubric by which the project will be graded. Please consider time factor and how much effort you are willing to put in. Each final option requires quite a bit of preparation, so good luck picking the easiest one.

Option 1:
Look back over each lesson we have used and focus specifically on technology used in each one. We have learned how to use each technology to our learning advantage. Now teach the class what you have learned. Pick a theme or two related themes from Grapes of Wrath and investigate said theme with either a tri-fold lesson for the class, a power point video lecture, or a short movie with sound and animation. If you would like to try a different form of technology, please discuss it with me prior to commencing. This lesson must also include some cultural background as well.

Option 2:
If you do not wish to present a technology lesson to the class, your other option will be to write a 5-6 well researched theme from Grapes of Wrath. It must also correlate related social and economic problems of the time, and analyze how those hardships affected the Joads and other families like them.

Projects will be due one week following complete of day 5 lesson