Great Migration and the Prohibition

(Great Migration Digital Streaming PowerPoint here)

a. Lesson Objectives: Students will understand the change in values that accompanied Prohibition and the contrasting rise of organized crime. Students will study the Great Migration and analyze how African Americans were treated in the South vs. the North, their moral, economic opportunities and living conditions. Students will examine how housing laws and restrictions lasted far past their repeals.
b. SOL/ Gardner: STANDARD USII.5b
  • The student will demonstrate knowledge of the social, economic, and technological changes of the early twentieth century by describing the social changes that took place, including Prohibition, and the Great Migration north
  • Creating the digital streaming PowerPoint uses Gardner’s Visual Intelligence. The students would be using the Naturalist aspects when they tie themes to changes in the local or global environment.
c. Essential Question: How does society change during this time in terms of morals, economics, and racial views? How does the emergence into the modern age leave Americans wishing for simpler times? How did was this period in American life differ between Whites and Blacks, poor and wealthy?
d. Activities: Digital Streaming will be used within a PowerPoint to use video as a way to enhance student understanding of the Great Migration and the Prohibition era. It will be intermixed with questions tying the video clips to the SOL requirements.
· Warm up recapping previous lessons learned about the new technologies, greater mobility and freedom that came during the early twentieth century.
· The lesson incorporates warm-ups, pre and post video questions as well as follow up questions to wrap up the lesson with.
· The post video questions will ensure that they were paying attention to the video clip that they just watched. They will link themes found in the video and tie them to current issues in society.
e. Materials: Website clips to create PowerPoint, computer lab or video projector of some kind, paper for students to write notes to accompany slideshow videos.
f. Assignments: Defining key terms in the video such as bootleggers, speakeasies, 18th Amendment, Prohibition, Great Migration, etc