Movie Maker and the Great Depression

Movie Maker example:

a. Lesson Objectives: Students will learn how to use Window’s Movie Maker, sound and images to create a two minute film about aspects of the 1920’s or Great Depression.
b. SOL/ Gardner: US II. 5b & d
  • The student will demonstrate the knowledge of the social, economic, and technological changes of the early twentieth century by describing the social changes that took place, including Prohibition, and the Great Migration north.
  • Identifying the causes of he Great Depression, its impact on Americans, and the major features of FDR’s New Deal
  • Gardner’s visual and musical intelligence. Essential Question: How does society change during this time in terms of economics and racial views? How did was this period in American life differ between Whites and Blacks, poor and wealthy?
c. Activities:
· Warm up: 3 minutes writing a list of three worldly possessions they could give up. See if anyone wrote “home, car, food” etc.
  • The lesson will consist of showing the students how to find and download images of their topic as well as music relating to their time period. I would then show them in detail how to use Windows Movie Maker, importing their files and so forth. The students would then be asked to develop a two minute movie based on a concept from our unit. This lesson would probably take place over three days, one day to teach the program and one day for the students to make their project (giving them a few days to finish up any remaining parts on their own time). The projects would then be shared to the class on the final day of the unit.
  • Walk around and help students locate images and make sure that they understand the program. Their finished project will be their evaluation.
d. Materials: Websites, computer lab, moviemaker program
e. Assignments: Write a short essay on how seeing the images made them feel as opposed to just reading the events out of a text or learning about it through and oral lecture.