The New Deal

Word Pamplet:
Quia Website:

a. Lesson Objectives: Students will understand the complexities that caused the Depression, how these events affected millions of people and the programs that were enacted to combat it.
b. SOL/ Gardner: US II. 5d
  • Identifying the causes of he Great Depression, its impact on Americans, and the major features of FDR’s New Deal
  • Interpersonal and verbal linguistic when they work as a group so that even though there is technology, they are still interacting with each other.
c. Essential Question: How did was this period in American life differ between geographic reasons, Whites and Blacks, poor and wealthy?
d. Activities:
· Quiz on vocabulary and Harlem Renaissance people/works from excel program
· Lecture on the New Deal, its effectiveness and departments
· Students will work on vocabulary by way of creating a wicrosoft word pamplet on the new deal
- Next, students will use Quia games to study vocabulary or finish their movie make projects.
e. Materials : Computers with internet and programs for Quia and movie maker projects.
f. Assignments: Complete movie maker project, due next class