The destruction of Japan

Today we will be discussing one of the most difficult decissions ever taken in a war. The dropping of the atomic bomb.

Essental Question

What can be the effects of dropping a weapon of mass destruction on an unknowing population? What are the effects on the world? On your own nation?


a) Students will be able to describe the effects of radiation on the human body.
b) Students will be able to explain the benifits for the decision of dropping the Atomic Bomb.


Today you will be complting a internet activity, focussing on the dropping of the atomic bomb. Use this worksheet to answer the questions. The pictures are hyperlinked to differnet websites to help you through the questions.


Following the worksheet, I would like you to begin working on your final project. The oral history project.


The completion of the worksheet, will be counted for classwork.

Oral History Project

Here are the instruction for your final project.
This will be how I am grading you.