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Welcome to My Teaching Webpage.

My name is David Makhanlall.


TEDU 556 Final Project

I am a Ph.D. student at VCU.
(TEDU 556 at Virginia Commonwealth University).

This Webpage is our teaching tool for a five-day activity dealing with the Research essay. It is important that every student learn and successfully manage the research essay process. We have provided five lessons, which are very easy to follow and not very difficult to understand. These are inter-active exercise, which allow you to create items relating to the essay-drafting, writing and documentation process.

We have carefully followed the SOL for the essay writing process.

X - SOL (text):STANDARD VS.9c
The student will demonstrate knowledge of the essay writing process from drafting, outlining to full documentation.

    • How did technology enhance this lesson?

Students will be able to understand the principles of essay writing and be able to use available software resources to plan and enhance their writing style and produce working templates that can be stored electronically for immediate use and further development off ideas into a full essay.

    • This lesson will consist of lectures, readings, questions and answers and hands-on in the creation of a working template.

1. Students will be able to identify purpose, audience, mood (style and tone) and viewpoint.
    • 2, Students will be able to identify the main parts of an essay: introduction, body (development of ideas) and conclusion.
    • 3. Students will use Microsoft Word to create a working template based on the information in steps 1 & 2.
    • 4. Students will complete one worksheet based on a sample essay from the textbook.
    • 5. Students with “brainstorm” in the group environment in creating a uniform and acceptable working sample of a template worksheet for use in class.
    • 6. Students will master the research essay writing process and successfully compleete an academic essay.

Final essay:

6 pages including references, four in-text citations, #12 font, Times New Roman
double-spaced, 1 1/2" margins all around, formatted in APA style.

Each lesson is 90 minutes long.

Grading: (100 points total).
Tri-Fold = 10 points
2 Power Point Activities: 10 X 2 = 20 points
Essay = 70 points

This page represents my Final Project.

Writer at work
Writer at work.

"Sit down and put down everything that comes into your head and then you're a writer.
But an author is one who can judge his own stuff's worth, without pity, and destroy most of it."
Sidonie Gabrielle.

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5-Day Lesson Plans

Day One: "The Tri Fold."

Tri Fold LinkToday we are going to work on the Tr-Fold.The purpose of this exercise is to aquaintyou with basic Microsoft.Word skills andhow to bring in Clip Art items to complement words. Words and text then go together.For this activity, you are going to create a Tri Fold of your own.
Sample of Tri Folds

......................Samples of Tri-Fold Brochures. We are going to create one today!

Day Two: "Planning The Essay."

Plan Essay PP LinkFor our 2nd Day we are going to listen toan introductory lecture, and watch a PowerPoint Slide Show.For this activity, you are going to create aPower Point Slide of 12 items.
In the library.

Students getting ready to plan that important essay!

Day Three: "Drafting & Punctuation for The Essay."

Link to Power Point Completion
For our 3rd Day we are going to watch and study a
Power Point slide on how to punctuate for the essay.
You are going to finish this Power Point Slide as
an activity.

Day Four: "Watch a Movie on The Essay Research Process."

Movie Theatre. Knowing how to conduct a research exercise and how to document correctly is important. This can be accomplished successfully in several steps.This important movie was created with the help of our librarian, Mrs. Joan Applebees.Please watch our movie on the documentation process.
Watch our movie: refer to link opposite..

Our staff ensures student achievement through
teaching effectiveness in part by:
upholding academic integrity as we model APA requirements,
educate our students & prevent plagiarism.

Day Five: "Today we are going to watch an important documentary video on essay creation and options."

This was created by the Discovery Channel experts on the essay writing process, and adapted by your instructor. Immediately after this we are going to work on our essay and use at least four of the techniques from this documentary. This is the final item; the end result would be a good draft of your research paper which will make you proud! Documentary Link

So, let's get started!

= = =Cheers!=