This unit will be about the civilizations in North and South America. The unit will start with a discussion of how people first arrived in the Americas. The unit will then focus on the Maya, Inca, & Aztec.

Standard of Learning _

WHI.11 The student will demonstrate knowledge of major civilizations of the Western Hemisphere, including the Mayan, Aztec, and Incan, by

a) describing geographic relationship, with emphasis on patterns of development in terms of climate and physical features;

b) describing cultural patterns and political and economic structures.

A few images to entice you to learn more . . .


Now onto the unit . . . follow the links below and complete the assigned activities.

Day One - Migration to the Americas

Day Two - Map Exercises The Olmec

Day Three - The Maya

Day Four - The Aztec

Day Five - The Inca

Final Assessment - A smart student will look at this early because this is MAJOR PROJECT!