TEDU 556 Final Project

projects.gifYou will use this site to create your technology lesson plans. On the left are your names. Click on your name to begin your unit plan. Remember, your unit plan must contain 5 days where each day one form of technology is used to enhance your lesson. Please see my page as a model of what you should include.

Basically, you want to include the following:

Unit Home Page

  • A picture
  • A title
  • A brief description of your unit
  • Links to each day and the students final evaluation/project labeled as Day One, Day Two, etc. . .

Lesson Plan Pages

  • Title each (Use Heading One)
  • Give a brief description of the lesson
  • Break up your lesson in a manner you think students will understand and that you think you will use as a teacher. Mine is only one example. Use Heading Two for each section of your lesson.
  • Embed or link to an example of your use of technology for that lesson
  • Link back to your home page.


Go here to see how I will grade you: http://rubistar.4teachers.org/index.php?ts=1196221452