K. Sparre

Literature and History Collide


A brief introduction:
There is more to English class than reading some "old dead white guy" literature and memorizing some boring facts. English is part of our history, our present, and our future. The goal here is to teach students how to critically analyze classic literature and integrate it with modern thinking and across multiple disciplines. In this unit, students will learn in depth information surrounding the Great Depression. This will include the economic and political factors surrounding this turbulent time in history while also relating it to literary and cultural phenomena. Various types of technology will be used to enhance the learning experience for the students as well as the instructor. We will primarily study literature written by John Steinbeck during this era, and will focus on the Dust Bowl aspect of the Great Depression as far as history is concerned.

This unit is designed to take one school week and will cover at least one part of each of each: VA ENG SOL 11.1-11.7. It will be a quick week, so please keep up with all assigned homework and stay on task in class because it will be impossible to make up most of this work once we have completed the activities for the week. There will be a final essay/project due next Friday based on everything we will learn in this unit. This project/essay will count for 25% of the projects portion of your grade. Good luck and lets get started!

**Sparre Day 1**

**Sparre Day 2**

**Sparre Day 3**

**Sparre Day 4**

**Sparre Day 5**

**Unit 1 Final Project**