TheJimCrowLawssm.jpgJim Crow and the Struggle For Freedom

After the Civil War, African Americans were given their freedom and the promise of a new beginning with the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. However, this brief period of optimism was replaced by a nearly 100 year struggle to overcome Jim Crow laws and segregation. This unit focuses on the struggle of African Americans to secure their rights and freedoms in the wake of resistance and oppression. Each day features a lesson plan in which you will complete an activity. There is a final project due a week after the 5th day. Options for this project are included in each day's lesson plan.

Unit Schedule:

Day One: Jim Crow Internet Activity
Day Two: The Great Migration
Day Three: The Negro Leagues
Day Four: The Harlem Renaissance
Day Five: Quia Quiz

REMEMBER! Your final project is due one week after the quiz (the

following Friday).

Grading for unit:

Each day's activity (including quiz): 15%
Final Project: 25%