The United States' Role in World War II Overlord.jpg

VA SOL Standards
The student will demonstrate an understanding of the origins and effects of World War II, with emphasis on
  • the rise and aggression of totalitarian regimes in Germany, Italy, and Japan;
  • the role of the Soviet Union;
  • appeasement, isolationism, and the war debates in Europe and the United States prior to the outbreak of war;
  • the impact of mobilization for war, at home and abroad;
  • major battles, military turning points, and key strategic decisions;
  • the Holocaust and its impact; and
  • the reshaping of the United States' role in world affairs after the war.

Unit Description:
The learner will identify the major combatants in World War II, as well as the historic players and events during that period. They will explain how the United States entered World War II and discussed American contribution to the Allies' war efforts. This unit surveys major events of World War II. It investigates the roles of individuals, ideas and innovations played in the outcome of war. Beginning with the origins of war to its conclusion, this unit provide the learners not only with interactive technological tools that allows them to visually dive into this amazing epoch in history, but challenges them to create their own perceptions of the global conflict. The lessons below involve technology resources that supplements conventional strategies and prepare the students for assessment:

Mr. Yung Day One
Mr. Yung Day Two
Mr. Yung Day Three
Mr. Yung Day Four
Mr. Yung Day Five