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Wednesday, November 17

  1. page Ned Day Four edited OSMOSISSS!!!!!
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  2. page Ned Day Four edited {Far_Side-Karate-web.jpg} Lesson 4 In this lesson, we will move deeper within the cell past t…

    Lesson 4
    In this lesson, we will move deeper within the cell past the cell membrane towards the process of cell division (Mitosis & Meiosis). In turn, this will lead us to learning about the various cell structures involved in the process. I will go through a PowerPoint presentation covering cell division. They will create drawings of Mitosis and Meiosis.
    Key Concept / Question
    Mitosis Vs. Meiosis. What is the difference between these two processes of cell division? Which cells do which?
    Textbook, PowerPoint Presentation, computers, LCD projector, paper colored pencils or markers, dimmable classroom.
    Warm Up
    Begin the class with a review of the previous days' homework, which looked at the different models of transport across the cell membrane (diffusion, osmosis, and active transport). Answer any questions that may arise in the discussion.
    Show the following models of each:
    Active Transport
    After the review/warm up, begin the presentation.
    1. Have the students remain at their desks and begin the PowerPoint presentation
    2. The presentation includes videos and sound.
    3. {Digital Streaming Presentation.ppt}
    4. Portions of the PowerPoint require the students to answer questions.
    5. After the presentation, explain the assignment.
    Evaluation / Assignment
    The students are to create a series of annotated drawings that will model the steps in mitosis and meiosis, being sure to label the organelles involved.
    This is to be done by next class. If time permits, they can begin this in class.

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Monday, November 8

  1. page Day Three. The Negro Leagues edited ... The Negro Leagues {baseball.jpg} ... Crow laws? "Website Viewer" I would li…
    The Negro Leagues
    Crow laws?
    "Website Viewer"
    I would like people who are viewing this page to note it can be edited by anyone, ("edit page button above) meaning all of this information may not be correct, search skeptically!

    The Negro Leagues
    Project Option:
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Friday, September 4

Wednesday, May 6

  1. page Garber Day 4 edited {sparta.jpg} So this is not exactly a skip to main | skip to sidebar Games Free Download - gam…
    {sparta.jpg} So this is not exactly askip to main | skip to sidebar
    Games Free Download -
    Games - Game - Free - Action, Adventure, Arcade, Cards, Fantasy, Funny Small Games, Kids, Logic, Old Games, Puzzle, Quest, Racing, RPG, Shooter, Simulator, Sport, Strategy, Tycoon, Platform: Console, Nintendo DS, PSP, XBOX, Mobile, PC, iPhone, iPod - -
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    Sunday, March 2, 2008
    The History Channel:
    Civil War Battle. It is ,however, an intense battle... SPARTA!!!!
    Major Battles in the
    - A Nation Divided
    The History Channel:
    Civil War
    Fort Sumter started
    - A Nation Divided | 2.11GB
    Genre: Personal Shooter
    This is a historical first-person shooter video game developed by Cauldron. The story line for A Nation Divided is relatively short, spanning twelve levels based on some of
    the War and Appomattox Court House essentially ended it. In between these to moments in history great battle took place that shaped and definedmost well known battles of the American Civil War Civil War. One can play as one ofeither the bloodiest conflicts in American history. Today we are going to look at a few different battles that are seen as key battlesConfederacy or turning points in the War. You will then start to work on your unit project that will involve information aboutUnion. The as a battle or campaign.
    I know it is not everybody's most favorite thing, but sometimes we have to do it. Please Take out your notebooks and lets learn a little about some important battles. We are going to focus on Antietam, Gettysburg, Bull Run, Sherman's March, and
    different soldier during each battle. During the Battle of New Orleans.
    Movie Maker Project:
    Now that
    game, you have learnedwill play through a little more about sometotal of the majortwelve different battles offrom the civil war, let's put that knowledge to use. You are going to create your very own Movie about one of the battle in the American Civil War. The battles are divided into two campaigns: North and South. Each campaign contains six historic battles. You may choose anymust play through each battle that you would like, although major battles will be much easier to find information on.
    What You Need For Your Presentation:
    Maker sure you include
    unlock the following in your presentation:
    Music and/or sound effects, and/or audio clips
    Pictures and/or
    next one.
    Minimum requirements
    • Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP
    • Pentium™ III 1.0 GHz
    • 256 MB Ram
    • 4X CD-ROM
    • 64 MB DirectX® 9.0c Compatible 3D accelerated
    video that pertainscard with pixel/vertex shaders
    • DirectX® 9.0c (included)
    • Mouse and Keyboard
    • 2.3 GB uncompressed hard drive space
    • Sound Card – DirectX® 9.0c Compatible
    Recomended requirements
    • Pentium™ 4 2.5GHz
    • 512 MB Ram
    • 256 MB DirectX®9.0c Compatible 3D accelerated video card with pixel/vertex shaders. ATI®Radeon or nVidia® GeForce preferred.
    You need
    to your battle
    Historically accurate information displayed clearly
    unrar, mount or burn CD images and
    enjoy it ShareThis Labels: Platform: PC, Shooter {} {} comments
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    this presentation
    blog. This blog is an example of what your presentation could look like:
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    just indexing content by other sites, pointing out to various links on the Internet that already exist and are uploaded by other websites or users there. If you might find helpful while creating your presentation:
    Civil War Home Page: Go
    have any clarifications to Images of Wartime.
    Civil War Home : This
    be made or doubts regarding the contents in this site has some general information on battles.
    American Civil War
    This PowerPoint By my technology teacher in College (Mr. Hasley) may help
    which you if you are still struggling with how to use movie maker:
    Continue working on your Movie Maker presentation.
    Return to Unit Page
    think can be offensive, Do contact the site owner ( & the content will be removed or modified accordingly. {} {}
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Sunday, March 2

  1. page D. Makhanlall edited ... ............................................. TEDU 556 Final Project ... am a teacher at …
    TEDU 556 Final Project
    am a teacher at ECPI Technical College
    I am also a
    Ph.D. student of TEDUat VCU.
    556 at Virginia Commonwealth University.University).
    This Webpage is our teaching tool for a five-day activity dealing with the Research essay. It is important that every student learn and successfully manage the research essay process. We have provided five lessons, which are very easy to follow and not very difficult to understand. These are inter-active exercise, which allow you to create items relating to the essay-drafting, writing and documentation process.
    We have carefully followed the SOL for the essay writing process.
    Students will be able to understand the principles of essay writing and be able to use available software resources to plan and enhance their writing style and produce working templates that can be stored electronically for immediate use and further development off ideas into a full essay.
    This lesson will consist of lectures, readings, questions and answers and hands-on in the creation of a working template.
    and viewpoint.
    2, Students will be able to identify the main parts of an essay: introduction, body (development of ideas) and conclusion.
    3. Students will use Microsoft Word to create a working template based on the information in steps 1 & 2.
    5. Students with “brainstorm” in the group environment in creating a uniform and acceptable working sample of a template worksheet for use in class.
    6. Students will master the research essay writing process and successfully compleete an academic essay.
    Final essay:
    6 pages including references, four in-text citations, #12 font, Times New Roman
    This will bring you back to this page.
    5-Day Lesson Plans
    =DayDay One: "The Tri Fold."= TriFold."
    Fold LinkToday
    ......................Samples of Tri-Fold Brochures. We are going to create one today!
    Day Two: "Planning The Essay."
    12 items. {Library_study.jpg}
    In the
    Students getting ready to plan that important essay!
    Day Three: "Drafting & Punctuation for The Essay."
    an activity.
    Day Four: "Watch a Movie on The Essay Research Process."
    documentation process. {Watch_movie.jpg}
    Watch our
    Our staff ensures student achievement through
    teaching effectiveness in part by:
    upholding academic integrity as we model APA requirements,
    educate our students & prevent plagiarism.
    Day Five: "Today we are going to watch an important documentary video on essay creation and options."
    This was created by the Discovery Channel experts on the essay writing process, and adapted by your instructor. Immediately after this we are going to work on our essay and use at least four of the techniques from this documentary. This is the final item; the end result would be a good draft of your research paper which will make you proud! Documentary Link
    =So,So, let's get started!= =started!
    = =Cheers!=
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Friday, December 14

  1. msg unit project message posted unit project Matt, Great Job!! I think you have a great deal of information in this unit and it is a huge topic…
    unit project
    Matt, Great Job!! I think you have a great deal of information in this unit and it is a huge topic to tackle. My biggest concern is how long are you planning to teach this unit? You used the term section and I am confused by how much time this would be. If you are thinking a day or two per section, my biggest worry would be the number of lengthy assignments that you require in each section. This is truly just something to think about because the unit looks great. I definitely think that you cover all that the SOLs require and then some. Again great job and have fun teaching this unit someday.

    7:20 pm
  2. msg This is great. message posted This is great. Okay I did this once, but it didn't take. So I'll tell you again how I really like this and I thin…
    This is great.
    Okay I did this once, but it didn't take. So I'll tell you again how I really like this and I think that if I had learned about mitosis this way I might actually remember what mitosis is. :) Great job!!
    3:54 pm
  3. msg Unit Plan message posted Unit Plan Just a few thoughts: 1. Well organized and the lessons flow well into each other and build on pre…
    Unit Plan
    Just a few thoughts:
    1. Well organized and the lessons flow well into each other and build on previous knowledge.
    2. All of the pages look like they are geared to a teacher and not to students. It is not bad that way it is just a different approach.
    3. Your powerpoints and other visuals are good and do help facilitate learning.
    4. Your s'more activity is an new take on teaching the assembly line. I like it better than mine because I use paper airplanes which always felt very wasteful, with the s'mores you and the kids can eat! Yeah!
    5. Your pages would be nicer if they had a link back to the main page at the bottom.

    That is all for now, I am going to check out your assignments a little closer and will let you know what I think.

    ed craig
    10:33 am
  4. msg citation message posted citation Thanks for noting where you got the webquest from.
    Thanks for noting where you got the webquest from.
    8:27 am